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BROWN- would like to thank all those who sent their best wishes and would like to inform them he is recovering comfortably in hosp
Clarrie Wood.
The BRBA have been informed of the passing of long time bookmaker, Clarrie Wood, a stalwart of Harness Racing/ Trotting.
At this moment in time we have no knowledge of funeral arrangements.
Our thoughts are with his family.

Request for contact details:

Leigh Woodbridge, whom many know from on-course, is assisting the BRBA with the 'data administration'. The communication he sent out on the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it email is genuine. It is unfortunate that there is an idiot spoofer publicised on the AGT, but I repeat that the BRBA communication is genuine and will assist with paying/ processing the data claims.

Aintree Grand National meeting, April 06 through April 08 2017.
The association will again be providing members the usual facility to purchase discounted tickets, provided always that we reach the minimum order number of 20 per relevant enclosure and 50 per relevant enclosure on Grand National Day.
For your information, Thursday- Tatts- discounted to £23.20, Friday- Tatts- discounted to £36.55, Saturday- Tatts- discounted to £51.30 and Embankment- discounted to £24.30.
Please contact us, preferably by email or with your requirements.
LAST ORDERS- THURSDAY 05 JANUARY 2017, 1300pm- when office closes.

12/10/2016 amended 21/10/2016

Racing Post- 11 October 2016
NEARLY 30 jobs within SIS's on-course operation are set to be lost in the latest round of the company's cost-cutting exercise.

The staff, responsible for collecting and relaying raceday and pricing data from British horseracing and greyhound tracks, were informed their positions were at risk yesterday.

The decision was made following a review prompted by the changing media rights environment in the betting industry, with racecourses taking more control over their data.

From January, SIS loses the media rights to six Arena Racing Company tracks and the company's bid to continue on-course data collection for them has been unsuccessful.

As a result, SIS has announced plans to sub-contract data collection from British courses and to "develop a pool of skilled freelancers" for greyhound racing with the intention of introducing the new model by March.

Two new supervisory roles responsible for the freelance pool will be created, as will two fixedterm contract positions, but 27 jobs are at risk, with a transition to the new operating model anticipated by March 2017.

SIS chief executive Gary Smith said: "The landscape across the horseracing, betting and data collection industry has evolved in many ways in recent years, and SIS has continued to review its processes and operations to ensure it remains competitive in the changing environment.

"Over the past 30 years, SIS has built up a reputation for delivering high-quality data collection services from horseracing and greyhounds from across the UK and beyond, and this has been down to the excellent skill and passion with which our on-course teams have performed.

"Today's proposals are designed to respond to the moves by racecourse owners to take greater control of their own data collection, as well as ensure the data collection activities that remain within SIS's sphere of activity are undertaken as professionally and efficiently as possible."

Smith added: "It is with great regret that this has meant that a number of roles are affected, and we will be working closely with those involved to ensure they are given the best support and advice throughout the restructuring process."

In February, SIS announced more than 30 jobs were set to be lost as the company consolidated production of its own television channels at its Milton Keynes base.

The remaining data payments will be made and sent out on 17/10/2016, any other questions about your data get in touch at
  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

AGM- Directors: David Brown decided not too seek re-election with the BRBA Board (due to commitments in the off course industry) after six year's sterling service. We wish him success there. There was one nomination for the Board- Stephen Price

Sean Brown would like to thank all those who sent their best wishes and would like to inform them he is recovering comfortably in hospital.


Members are encouraged not to tick the box about payment. This is so the BRBA CAN administrate on your behalf with no deductions to you.

Important message involving Wetherby Tatts/Rails Bookmakers - (Click Here)

2016 AGM:
Thank you to all those members who attended today's AGM- the Board appreciate that some of you travelled considerable distances.
There was criticism and
praise, but the message was for unity moving forward.

Our supplier has informed us that prices will be rising, however, we guarantee to offer members 4 boxes for £100 (discounted to £75 for the first order of the subscription year) for the near future.
However, we would be grateful to you and it may be prudent for you, if any intended Till Roll order is placed ASAP.


The Gambling Commission published their fee proposals on 08 July 2016. They propose to retain the current unit of division (working days on course) and fee banding for the general betting (limited) licence, and there are no proposals for any changes to the current annual fees for this licence. The fees for on-course bookmakers have remained held at 2009 levels which would represent a significant reduction in real
terms. (see p.48 of their 75 page document).

Gambling Commission- Colleagues may wish to check out the relevant forum section, where current advice on compliance visits has been posted.


Your current agreement with TurfTV, arranged by the BRBA, gives you a guaranteed £21 and £7 per day, paid quarterly in arrears - significantly higher and more promptly than current FRB daily levels and half your Levy Board payment WITHOUT any deduction for the next two years, which is the length of the TurfTV deal.

Now, in accordance with the letter sent to you on 12th May, and due to the FRB now signing up with TurfTV after you, you will be given the option to allow the TurfTV fees to be paid to you via the FRB.  

If you were to consider this option it is worth noting that only on 24th March this year the FRB made a statement that they were 100% contractually committed to SIS for this arrangement, which, less than three months later has completely changed in relation to the TurfTV courses.

We recommend you decline this offer.


After over 20 years service Linda and her husband have decided to retire to their villa in Spain and I'm sure that you will want to share the board's thanks for all her hard work and dedication over that time, and wish her and Gerry a long and happy retirement.
For members wishing to sign her retirement card and give a gesture of thanks please see myself or Alan Wrigglesworth.
Alan will be combining the office function and the Finance Director's role. Telephone calls will be taken by him on the office number for enquirers and Till Roll orders.
As the BRBA will now be making quarterly data payments to members this will also now be part of the Finance Role and a further announcement will be made in due course. 
Kind regards and good luck to all.
Christopher Hudson.

Message for Cheltenham Racecourse Bookmakers.
Following a series of productive discussions with a number of board members of the British Racecourse Bookmakers’ Association, we are pleased to announce that on those occasions when public admission tickets are sold out in advance at Cheltenham Racecourse, the rate at which the multiple is applied for the purpose of calculating the cost of a Daily Betting Badge will be the last advance rate paid by members of the public and not at the advertised on the day price.
Commenting on this agreement Chris Hudson, President of the BRBA said ‘I am delighted that we have been able to positively engage with Cheltenham Racecourse who listened and acted on the points we made. This new approach is likely to result in ongoing significant savings for both our members and non-members alike’.
David Mackinnon, Regional Head of Operations for the South West added; ‘ This is an excellent example of a racecourse working with the largest single bookmaker’s association to the benefit of both bookmakers and the racecourse.”
David Mackinnon, Regional Head of Operations, South West
Chris Hudson, President, British Racecourse Bookmakers’ Association

We have followed up members concerns over the recent imposition of VAT on their badges at Doncaster.

We have been informed that the RCA is likely to make announcement on a consistent charging policy on this issue by the end of the month and we will notify you as soon as we know.

Racecourse Association:

We have placed a dozen of their documents in the Document Download section of this website.

This might assist in clarification of colleagues' working practices from the perspective of the tracks.

Very Important Notice
At a meeting of the RCA Gambling Administration Group our new association was discussed. It was decided that the RCA (Racecourse Association) would recognise the BRBA (former NBPA) and encourage all racecourses to liaise with us on relevant on-course betting matters.
Your Board looks forward to working with racecourses on your behalf, in future.
This shows that the concern, expressed by some members,  that as an independent association our influence with racecourses would wane is unfounded

Board Meetings - in an effort to be more transparent, the Board will be placing the Agenda for meetings on a separate page in the Members' Area. Click "Board Meetings" on LH side of that page.

Good News/ Bad News:

Good News !
The DCMS have 'rolled over' the 2015/6 Levy to 2016/7. The Bookmakers' Committee recommendations for the 55th Levy Scheme were not agreed by the Horserace Betting Levy Board before October 31 2015, and as a result were referred to government for determination. The DCMS quickly made the decision to keep arrangements as they had been the previous year.

Bad News !
In a statement attributed to both Culture Secretary John Whittingdale and Sports Minister Tracey Crouch, government expressed disappointment that the two sides could not come to an agreement and "DCMS can now continue it's focus on the replacement of the Levy with the Horserace Betting Right to which all in British racing remain fully committed."

The implications for the Racing Right are VERY serious for Racecourse Bookmakers and the argument that all in British racing are committed to it is spurious, and you are urged to discuss the matter with your MP.


We are very pleased to inform NBPA/ BRBA members that the current till roll arrangement is 4 boxes delivered to your home is £75 for the first four boxes and £100 per four box order thereafter. Thus 4 boxes = £75, whilst 12 boxes = £275.
Immediate payment by BACS is desirable, but cheque is acceptable.
An additional service for smaller lot sizes and discounts for own collection is available from Jamie Peckham in the Midlands and from the the Leeds office.
Please contact Jamie, his details are on his advert at the side of this notice, or the Leeds office.
Colour choices are blue, green, orange, purple, red, yellow.


The NBPA Board have long warned of the consequences of underage gambling: we respectfully urge all colleagues to read this letter and take heed.

23 February 2015

To:Federation of Racecourse Bookmakers, National Association of Bookmakers, Association of Racecourse Bookmakers, Rails Bookmakers Association

On-course age verification controls

One of the key objectives set out in the Gambling Act 2005 (“the Act”) is to protect ‘children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by gambling.1
Betting can only continue to enjoy its status as a mainstream leisure activity if it is conducted and enjoyed solely by adults. The importance society places on preventing underage gambling is reflected in the fact that it is a criminal offence under the Act for a bookmaker to permit a child or young person to place a bet.
As part of the Commission’s statutory responsibility to enforce these requirements, we wrote to on-course trade associations in June 2014 to stress that they must have robust age-verification controls in place on tracks. This followed the extremely poor results from an underage test purchasing exercise conducted at Ascot racecourse, where every one of the twenty bookmakers tested failed to challenge the underage volunteers.
Since June 2014, trade associations, coordinated by the Federation of Racecourse Bookmakers (“FRB”), have taken welcome steps to raise awareness of this issue with their members.
In addition, the FRB commissioned a major programme of test purchases at a number of tracks in December and January. The results are alarming. Over the 200 tests conducted, only 10 resulted in the tester being challenged for identification in line with a ‘Think 21’ approach.
Following the Ascot underage test purchase exercise in 2014, we confirmed that we would undertake further such exercises to monitor improvements. On 24 January 2015, we supported Cheltenham Borough Council in conducting testing of licensees at CheltenhamRacecourse. Of the 21 tests conducted, 9 resulted in a failure to challenge the volunteers, who were aged 16 and 17. The results put the on-course sector well below the level of performance of other age restricted sectors both within the gambling industry and elsewhere2.
The Commission’s concern about these serious shortcomings has been compounded by the adverse reaction from some operators in the sector, which tends to suggest a reluctance to accept and deal with the problem. We know that is not the reaction of the majority, nor of those who represent them. It is first and foremost in the on-course industry’s own interests to demonstrate a determination to make rapid and significant improvement if it is not to undermine the very light-touch regime it currently enjoys. Furthermore it is in the interests of individual operators if they are to avoid more formal enforcement action.
1s.1(c) Gambling Act 2005
2Performance for comparable challenges for off-course bookmakers average 85% for the largest operators and 75% for smaller independents

We will be making this correspondence available to the Racecourse Association and AGT as interested parties who share the Commission’s objective of raising compliance standards on tracks. Whilst we are again asking racecourses and trade associations to help communicate the need to make significant improvements in this area, ultimate responsibility for compliance rests with the individual betting licensees. To support members in these efforts, we understand the FRB will be commissioning a further ‘Think 21’ testing exercise using Serve Legal, and will be contacting those operators subject to the earlier tests. In addition, the Commission has already engaged with further local authorities who have expressed a willingness to undertake test purchase exercises at racecourses.
From a combination of further ‘Think 21’ and underage testing, the Commission will assess whether the required improvements in on-course controls are being evidenced.

Yours faithfully,
Matthew Hill
Director, Regulatory Risk & Analysis

For those of you who don't already know, the DCMS have undertaken 3 'consultations' about the Levy with, it seems, a view to its replacement. A Racing Right has been proposed, and two models seem to be up for grabs- French [who pay 5.6% of turnover] and Australian [mooted at 10.75% of Gross Profits]. Since we already pay considerable sums to enter the tracks to bet, and furthermore pay Marketing Fees, the increased financial burden would prove the final straw to many colleagues, in terms of the viability of their businesses.
The DCMS have recognised the unique position of on course bookmakers and will be discussing a way forward.


The NBPA/ BRBA would like to remind its members of their obligations to comply with our insurance policies. In order for a bookmaker to be authorised, they must hold a list position at the racecourse they are betting at, or be an authorised alternate operator registered with AGT on the day. In order for your staff to be covered by our Employer's Liability Insurance policy they must be bona fide employees either working for you or representing you, in your absence. If any bookmaker is in breach of Rule 4:4 of the contract which forbids any list position being shared, in part or full, their insurance cover for Public Liability and Employer's Liability may become invalid.

If you are a member of two Associations you can only be insured with one Association.


Further to AGT's announcement on their website, we would like to remind our members that they too have the right to dispute payment of bets, even if directed to do so by a BRM. AGT/BRMs are only able to advise, and not insist, on the settlement of betting disputes, so if members feel that the instructions given are incorrect they should stand their ground and do what they feel is correct under Racecourse Rules.  
Bookmakers should display their each-way terms at all times, including what happens to the number of places and each-way fractions in the event of late withdrawals or runners not coming under starters orders.

Colleagues should have a Dispute Resolution policy, either with them or displayed in case of betting disputes.


Umbrella Advertising
We remind bookmakers that they cannot use umbrellas with third party advertising on them, even if taped over. A discussion of suppliers is to be found on the forum. You will note that the only supplier of new umbrellas (as Carver the Umbrella Man is now an MEP and therefore busy doing other things) is advertising on the website, in the top right hand corner of this page.

The NAB is pursuing a 'Think 21' policy. A poster for colleagues to display on their joints has been sent out to NBPA members: it is available to colleagues in the Document Download section of the website for members to print off, laminate and display. 

The Gambling Commission see the prevention of underage gambling as a key part of their raison d' etre.

There will be continued Test Purchasing on racecourses.


You too can advertise here!

The Northern BPA Ltd would like to offer the services of our Classified Advertisement Section to ALL Bookmakers, who are licensed by the Gambling Commission, so they may offer for sale any list positions they currently hold. Please note that we are not authorised to act as an agent, we are only acting as an advertising medium, and all transactions must be carried out through AGT.


The Directors of The Northern BPA Ltd. remind members of their obligations to HMRC, via Gaming Duty, of laying horses on the betting exchanges.


Our Forum for members is now up and running.  Should any member wish to join in discussions on the Forum they should contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it giving a password for their log in details.  Full information and a User Guide will be emailed back to them once their details have been registered on the site.

Please note that there will be no anonymity.

Your real name will be shown on the Forum at all times.


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