The Directors would like to thank the members who have contacted their MP's and we are pleased to inform you that they will be putting our case forward next week in Parliament.

Some changes are currently happening to the website, all members will need to contact us via the Contact Us page or directly via email for a new login to get access to the Members Area and the Forums.

Once the new logins are confirmed please make sure to click "Accept Cookies" before logging in.

The Forum will be starting a fresh as the old plugin used hasn't been updated and we have had to go with a newer one.

Members attending events behind closed doors need to establish what fees if any will be paid to both the Racecourse and AGT.

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The Directors of the BRBA are delighted to inform members that we have negotiated on your behalf an additional payment from TRP effective from 1st July 2020 of 20% of your 2019 quarterly payments.
This agreement with TRP is set to continue until further notice.

Along with all payments made by the BRBA these will be made without any deduction.

There is a Board Meeting on 29th September to discuss the continuing effects of the pandemic on our industry.

Should anyone like to make suggestions please contact one of the Directors.

We understand that many Bookmakers are having problems opening or maintaining business bank accounts. We would like to hear from any bookmaker member or not, who feels that they have been discriminated against by the Banking sector for being an OCB to present a robust presentation. All e-mails will be treated with the strictest confidence.

The latest letters to and from the Gambling Commission can be found in the GC section in the members-only section.

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Message from Arena Racing

As agreed with AGT, all bookmakers attending a raceday under the current trial of on-course betting are required to have completed Covid-19 training. This can be either the BHA's official training programme accessible via Racing2Learn here or the training for those in the amber zone (i.e. owners' zone) accessible here.

Please note that numbers are strictly limited to one bookmaker plus a maximum of two workers.

We look forward to seeing you next week for the St Leger Festival.

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Urgent notice for ALL Bookmakers

Self Employed second Grant available.

Whist we all understand that public safety must take absolute priority, given the levels of concern raised on card only betting, we have prepared a document on this issue which we have sent to our contacts at the various Racecourse Groups. This could supplement any Government advice they have had...

Cash VS Card

On a more positive note, after recent communication we are told it is proposed that a small number of bookmakers will be invited to attend a race meeting sometime next week and they will be allowed to accept cash bets alongside debit card transactions.

The crowd will only consist of owners and COVID protocols must be strictly observed.

Given the ongoing problems ALL on Course Bookmakers are having with the banking sector, we have written to both the Banking Ombudsman and the Gambling Commission CEO, please follow the link below.

Would any On Course Bookmaker who would like to contribute to this please e mail the Office.

Urgent notice for Members in the Members only section on the top of the Gambling Commission page along with the letter on your behalf to the Commission.

It's with great sadness we have just been informed of the death of long-standing friend and former member Pat Ryan.

As soon as we have any further details we will let you know.
We all send our deepest sympathies to his family.

R.I.P. Pat

At Fridays Board meeting it was agreed that whilst we would be pleased to help with any trial for the return to attended racing we are completely opposed to the removal of choice for our customers on the use cash or card to make their purchases with Bookmakers in contrast of with any other type of transaction.

We are continuing to work directly and via the AGT technical group with racecourses on an equitable and trouble free return to on course bookmaking.

Business Banking

The BRBA has been working closely with other stakeholders in the industry, to establish a low cost Group Scheme for the benefit of ALL on course Bookmakers and we hope to update you soon.

Due to the current situation the office is now closed.

The Directors will still be monitoring the emails.

Stay safe.

BRBA Board.

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Members are remined to submit their quarterly General Betting Duty returns.

Notice for ALL On Course Bookmakers.

The BRBA has been working with all levels at the Commission in an effort to reduce your costs.

Sadly it would appear the only path to do so is to consider reducing your days at the next renewal. Please see the attached advice from the CEO which you should consider taking if this will help but you will need to give 4-6 weeks notice.

Letter sent to the Gambling Commission 26/03/2020

Response from the Gambling Commission regarding non-remote fees 06/04/2020

It is with great sadness to announce that one of our longest serving members Terry (Dubber) Dolan has passed away on Tuesday 23rd June 2020 aged 89. Terry passed away peacefully with his Son Paul and loved ones by his side.

Funeral to be held on 8th July, unfortunately due to the covid restrictions, a private service will be held and a celebration of life will be arranged at a later date.

Should anyone wish to give a donation to Marie Curie, this can be done through this link:

Sending prayers and blessings for Terry and his family at this sad time, may you rest in peace.


Congratulations to Leslie R Steele on his telegram from the Queen from the Directors and members of the BRBA.

Throughout the 80's and 90's Leslie was the focal point of the Northern betting ring where he would handle money from punters and firms alike and as those who worked with him can testify there was never a dull day and always fun too, win or lose Leslie was always a Gent.

An amazing life and still going strong!
leslie r

You could claim up to £10,000

Discretionary business grants could be claimed for Bookmakers via your local council.

Use the link above and search for more details via your own local council's website.


Online education module Covid-19 information for industry participants

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We have been asked by the HBLB to inform members that the C.O.D certificates are available by e mail should you require one.

Please contact the HBLB directly.
June 2020 Newsletter
With some good news for subscribers.
Regulatory returns temporary extension to submission dates.
All Bookmakers are reminded to submit their Annual Regulatory Returns at their earliest opportunity.
We try and update the Covid-19 notice daily for the benefit of ALL in our industry.

Any Bookmaker BRBA member or not that has information to share please contact the office.
COVID-19 updates for all Bookmakers
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Urgent notices from Ascot

May racedays
 & Royal Ascot

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Royal Ascot 2020

Due to the ongoing suspension of racing, the advance booking service for Royal Ascot due to open on 6th April will be postponed until further clarity on resumption is available.
The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS)
Income Support Scheme for Self-Employed
Government Job Retention Scheme Update

Job Retention Scheme
We have written to both the Gambling Commission and AGT to review their fees given the current crisis.
The Board has agreed that until Racing is resumed the annual 20/21 subscription fees should not be paid.

Stay safe
This may help some Bookmakers during this time.

Those of you that are classed as "Self-employed" can follow this link to the Universal Credit website and follow their instructions if apply to you.

Some of you maybe classed as a "Small Business" and updates can be followed from the Government webite.
Grand National Tickets Refund

For all those that bought their tickets via the BRBA.

I have been in touch with the Jockey Club, they have confirmed our refund will be made and could take a couple of weeks. Once this process has been done refunds will be issued ASAP.

Ronald Hall Senior passed away last night after a short illness.

Ron Hall Senior was on course for over 60 years a charactor who regualarly backed and stood by his opinions part of the old school. He will be sorely missed by his sons Ronald of Hallsports and Martin.

RIP Ronald.

Badsworth & Bramham P2P
Unfortunately this meeting ABANDONED. (Updated 9:20am on Monday 16th March 2020).

Message from the Gambling Commission

We are consulting on changes to our regulatory data reporting requirements.

Our proposals seek to make data requirements more efficient for licensees, and for us, by only requesting data that supports our regulatory aims. These changes seek to:
  • improve data quality and the efficiency of regulation
  • reflect our continued focus on consumers and social responsibility
  • ensure requirements are reconciled against our current and future data needs
  • streamline our existing requirements and, where possible, reduce regulatory burden
The consultation is split into two parts. Part 1 details changes to information reporting requirements within the LCCP, and Part 2 focuses on regulatory returns and official statistics.

Could you please make your members aware of this consultation and encourage them to offer their views via the link above.

Kenny Gill unfortunately passed away on Monday 2nd March, he was a well respected worker for Billy Day, Matt, BK Racing and many other northern bookmakers. Our sympathies are extended to his family.

Flint and Denbigh

Following an inspection on the 3rd March, due to the track being unraceable the decision has been made to postpone the Flint

and Denbigh Point to Point, from Sunday 8th to Sunday 15th March subject to all the necessary officials being arranged.

(Updated 2:45 pm 3rd March).


TRP Data

Bookmakers who have elected to have their TRP data monies paid to them by the BRBA will now have received their payment

without deduction.


The agenda can be found in the members area for the board meeting being held on 13/02/2020.


The draft minutes from the 95th AGM are available in the Report & Accounts tab on the website.

The winners of the draw for last years Rewards points is in item 4.

For 2020 there will be separate raffles for Cheltenham and Aintree.


Message for all Cheltenham Bookmakers

As per the meeting notes from the Bookmakers' Liaison Committee Meeting held on 2 October 2019 displayed on the AGT website, this is a brief reminder that there will no longer be a Badge Box in operation during any future race meeting at Cheltenham Racecourse.

In line with the practice that has been in operation for several years at The Festival, bookmakers badge purchase - Daily Betting Badges, Annual Marketing Fee payments, AGT Daily Fee payments are now available only online, along with admission tickets - for all Cheltenham race meetings. Those bookmakers on The Festival List will be aware that badges are available in advance, now up until 10.00 on the morning of racing.

Should a bookmaker decide not to attend the race meeting prior to pitching in, having bought badges online, a full refund for unused badges / tickets will be provided upon request from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (order number and badge/ticket details required).

For full instructions please follow this link.

I look forward to welcoming on-course bookmakers to Cheltenham in 2020 and beyond, and take this opportunity to wish you and your staff a happy and prosperous New Year.

David Mackinnon
Heads of Operations

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Following last seasons successful trial in the York Clocktower Enclosure of matching the number of picks available to the number of badges purchased from the badge box at pitching in time this will be continued in 2020 when there are less than 30 badges bought on any day.

The policies of no refunds will be continued along with late arrivals betting in the three pitches at the bottom of the steps.

Urgent Notice to ALL Racecourse Bookmakers.

Due to a number of Bookmakers failing a recent age verification test, the Gambling Commission's Enforcement Department has written to those failing.

Our own testing results are still disappointing and we must improve and if you have any doubts about a customer appearing to be under 21, you need to challenge them to prove that they are at least 18.

All On course Bookmakers should be aware that as a result of a warning by the Gambling Commission the BRBA have engaged Serve Legal to perform AV tests on ALL Northern Racecourses. Regrettably the pass rates for ALL those tested are still below expectation and we must warn ALL Bookmakers to be more vigilant. Obviously we are writing to BRBA Members to give them their results.

serve legal logoFollowing the robust warning from the Gambling Commission on the poor pass rates with AV testing in our sector we have engaged Serve Legal to do random tests in the North and the first results throughout June are very disappointing and we will be writing inform members of their results.

Would ALL involved please continue to be vigilant as your licence is at risk.

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Follow link

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Message from RCA

Special Conditions E

AGT, the BRBA and the FRB have just been informed that the Gambling Commission will be taking a more robust approach on Bookmakers failing AV tests and we will write to you shortly.
Please ensure that you display the signage issued by the BRBA & FRB at all times and make your staff aware of your challenge 21 policy.


"We have today (Thursday) published the following on our website:

Consultation on Licence conditions and codes of practice (LCCP) relating to customer interaction

Consultation on Licence conditions and codes of practice (LCCP) relating to additional ADR standards

A call for evidence on gambling website blocking software.

Full details are available on the Consultations page of our website."

Rule 4 information for Bookmakers Tattersalls rule 4
(Racing Post Link)

Urgent Notice Regarding Data Payments

On behalf of our members who attended the Seminar at Dewsbury and were advised not to sign the TTV agreement we instructed the BRBA's Solicitors to establish what payment will be made for the period to 31.03.2018 by the FRB to match the 21 per day paid by the BRBA. The FRB's Solicitors reply is attached which unfortunately is self explanatory. All updates will be posted on this website.

Letter to FRB

Reply from FRB
Updated 07/08/2018